Looking for a European professional?
European Professionals supports you with international recruitment and selection within your organization.

International Recruitment and Selection

European Professionals focusses on international recruitment and selection of professionals for technical oriented SME companies in Europe. Internationalisation and one European labour market are current topics we come across more and more in recent years. Companies often have offices and clients abroad or use outsourcing to manufacture their products. Just like you, we look beyond borders and believe in the strength of Europe and see opportunities in cooperation throughout Europe. Together we can achieve more than alone.

  • Are you looking for a European professional to work within your Dutch company?
  • Are you looking for a technical professional for your European secondary establishment or subsidiary, somewhere in Europe?
  • Are you aiming to add an independent professional, f.e. sales manager or export manager, to your company who is prepared to travel extensively throughout Europe?
European Professionals can accomodate the international recruitment for you in all of these situations. In order to guide and advise you optimally we will establish in each procedure what steps we need to take and which culture matches your company. Just like you, we regret the present shortage of staff on the labor market in certain areas of expertise. That is why we prefer to brainstorm with you in order to come up with creative ideas to still be able to find a suitable and matching international professional for your company. This currently often means that we publish the vacancy both in The Netherlands and internationally. We can also do an extensive Linkedin search together to search for potential candidates.

European Professionals is a label of Métier,  an agency specialized in recruitment, personnel development and process improvement founded in 2001 by Ingobert Veen, with offices in the cities Zwolle, Groningen and Barneveld in the Netherlands. Because of the growing demand of our clients, especially technical oriented companies, we have decided to accommodate the international recruitment and selection procedures from a separate label; European Professionals.

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