• To recruit the right international professional for the position, one of our advisors will visit your company firstly in order to get a good impression of the position and to discuss the content of the job advertisement;
  • We investigate the tasks and responsibilities the position has; which requirements does a candidate have to meet and what type of person are you looking for;
  • Because of the diversity of countries within Europe and the cultural differences, we observe your companies culture and advise you which European countries will be most suitable for recruiting candidates;
  • Based on this extensive inventory we proceed the international recruitment process by drawing up an appealing job advertisement. The description will be in both Dutch and English, and will be translated in any other language if necessary.


  • By using our partners throughout Europe the vacancy is published online on the best jobboards in the selected countries;
  • Usually the vacancy will be published in three countries (including The Netherlands). This is further expandable at an additional cost of €250,- per country;
  • Our extensive database with international professionals within the European labour market is notified about the vacancy;
  • Resumes of the (international) candidates are sent to and collected by us, to relieve you of this task.


  • Based on the criteria we have established beforehand, we will make the first selection of the resumes;
  • One of our consultants will discuss resumes of all candidates with you;
  • Together we decide which candidates we will invite for the first job interview with you and one of our consultants through videoconferencing;
  • By videoconferencing with high quality equipment you can get acquainted with the several international candidates and inform them about your company and the position available;
  • The next round of job interviews is also conducted by videoconferencing;
  • Once the most suitable international professional is selected, this candidate will be invited for a personal job interview in the Netherlands;
  • After the right match is made we can also advise you in the organisation of practical issues such as relocation, working visa and contracts.
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