“Metier assisted us with our search for engineers who were interested in a traineeship within our organization with the goal to discover their unique qualities and to join our Technical Team. Metier has an international network at her disposal and connected us with interesting candidates. By keeping contact with the Technical Manager instead of the HRM Manager, Metier was able to select the correct technical talents. We are very pleased that we found a talented young engineer from Spain with the help of Metier.”

Wieger Wiegersma, general manager

A distinctive feature of Metier's approach is a thorough analysis of not only what a client ‘is looking for’, but also of ‘what a client needs’. This analysis is then followed by an adequate follow-up and an effective first (international) selection. Despite the current labour market tightness we were able to successfully conclude the process within a few weeks.

Fred Jan Weggen, managing director

In our search for an engineer we found a well educated Romanian candidate through European Professional. The intermediate step in which the candidates presented themselves through a PowerPoint presentation was a great move in my opinion. This way the candidates showed us which techniques they were familiar with. This way of presenting themselves removed the language barrier which is often present. We are pleased to have an international professional joining our team and there will possibly be a “spin-off” with another candidate in the future.

Marcel Ruesink, managing director
DT Dijkstra

European Professionals recruited a plantmanager for our Bulgarian branche. Utilising the broad network you have found us a Dutchman who had been living in Romania for many years already and therefore was very familiar with the cultural differences. The first interviews were done through videoconference and the second round interview was conducted along with Ingobert Veen and took place in Bulgary. European Professionals has added value for our company because of their broad network and pleasant guidance.

Wouter Rietdijk, managing director
RIS Rubber
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